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Drivve | SSO - Single Sign On

What is Drivve | SSO?

Drivve | SSO (“Single-Sign-On) provides combined scanning and print management functionality empowering end users to manage copy, print, scanning and document workflows across workstations and mobile devices.

Drivve SSO Graphic

Drivve | SSO Value Proposition

Drivve | SSO is a powerful scan and print combination that streamlines digitization and document routing while helping organizations achieve cost savings and print securely. Drivve | SSO offers single-sign-on access to the advanced scanning capabilities of Drivve | Image and the complete print management feature set of Drivve | Print.

Single-sign-on means that any task a user wishes to perform at the MFP - from scanning to email, to routing to content and collaboration systems, to managing print output - can be accomplished after an initial one-time log in. Drivve | SSO ensures a higher level of ease-of-use, personalization, and auditing across all scan and print functions.

Learn more about the Drivve | Image and Drivve | Print solutions that combine to form Drivve | SSO.