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Document Process Automation | LRS Output Management

Document Process Automation

Most business applications produce documents, formatted reports, or other output destined to be read by business stakeholders. Often, the format of these documents is directly controlled by the application so that changes in document appearance and structure require coding changes to the originating program. Such changes are typically costly and time-consuming in nature. 

LRS® Document Process Automation products separate the information contained in business documents from the final format that is sent to printers, email, and archiving systems. This allows you to implement newer document technologies and/or improve business processes without making fundamental changes to your business applications. Our Document Process Automation solutions include: 

Document Transforms that convert the native data streams generated by an application into a format that is compatible with a newer hardcopy or electronic format. For example, the native GOF or OTF created by SAP® applications can be converted to PDF for viewing or PCL and PostScript for printing. 

Intelligent Document Bundling that can extract select pages from multiple documents, insert dynamic content or watermarks, and combine them into a single logical document that helps stakeholders complete a business workflow. For example, all pick list, invoice, export compliance, and shipping information for a given order can be consolidated into a single document, even if the pages originated from separate applications.

FormPort® for VPSX software that allows you to intelligently manipulate print data and create dynamic forms with logos, signatures, barcodes and more. This easy-to-use solution eliminates the need for expensive pre-printed forms and provides an easy way to update customer-facing documents without modifying your underlying business applications. 

All three solutions work with the VPSX® family of solutions, which helps you capture and format business information for secure, reliable document delivery in hardcopy or electronic form. Document archiving and pull printing solutions minimize unnecessary printing to save money while protecting your information. All while tracking document printing and access around the enterprise to aid in cost reduction and compliance efforts.