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remote office printing over the public internet

Internet Print and Scan for Remote Offices

In the past, your organization’s business applications, users, and output devices were likely managed within a secure corporate network protected by firewalls and network security packages. Today, companies are moving from a centralized IT infrastructure to run key business applications in the Cloud and connect remote offices via the public Internet instead of costly corporate WANs.

How can you ensure the security of sensitive print traffic across the public Internet?

LRS® Internet Printing lets you leverage robust encryption, an industry-leading authentication framework, and other security measures to  establish a lightweight, Internet-connected IT landscape without costly WAN expansion or reliance on VPN software and hardware.

The solution marries four decades of output management experience and the latest networking technologies in pursuit of a singular output management goal:

Support every print/scan feature and function available in your current on-premise corporate network environment while enabling the connection between your data center, print devices, and users’ computing devices to be via the Public Internet.

Result? Lower infrastructure costs, far less complexity, and greater IT flexibility. All without sacrificing the security and integrity of your business-critical documents.

The LRS Internet Printing solution helps you securely print from your cloud or corporate business applications to remote offices via secure HTTPS connections and capture user-scanned documents for business workflows.

The solution supports:

Push or pull printing from desktop applications: users can quickly find and print from desktop applications to defined output devices while generating audit records for IT compliance purposes

Pull print from corporate business applications: documents are held in a secure personal print queue until a user authenticates at the remote site, then are released for encrypted delivery across the public Internet via a secure protocol (e.g. HTTPS).

Push printing from 3rd party business applications: users can print from applications running at partner sites and affiliates outside your corporate network.

MFP scan workflows originating at a remote office: users can initiate scan workflows using embedded LRS scanning software running on an MFP in the remote office and securely transmit data and metadata back to your corporate systems.

By enabling secure printing across the public Internet, LRS software helps you eliminate the cost and complexity related to VPN infrastructure, leased lines, etc. Contact LRS to learn more about our Internet printing solutions.

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