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Cloud Printing

A simple solution for complex business environments

If you think “less is more” when it comes to configuring and managing your IT environment, you’re not alone. Today, many core business applications and infrastructure components are available via Cloud-based services with no servers to stand up, no software to maintain, and no in-house technical resources to hire and manage. 

The same applies to your print infrastructure. Cloud printing offers organizations the benefits of reliable, secure output management without the need to support, update and continually maintain output-related hardware and software. It reduces IT involvement in day-to-day administration tasks related to output management and establishes a trusted print service layer to handle secure, reliable document delivery from any application or platform to any destination. In short, print management goes from being an IT burden to a seamless document delivery service.

As different businesses have different computing and printing needs, LRS® software offers various Cloud-enabled print and scanning solutions to meet our customers’ requirements:

The LRS CloudPrint® solution offers a simple and cost-effective way of managing print user output for organizations with documents that originate on user desktops. As a multi-tenant Software as a Service (SAAS) option, LRS CloudPrint software offers robust print delivery from desktops and mobile devices. End-to-end encryption protects sensitive document contents and Azure® AD-based user authentication ensures that only authorized users can print to your company’s devices. Simple, user-based licensing and effortless client deployment make the software as cost-effective to use as it is easy to manage.

LRS Enterprise Cloud Printing software provides all the functionality of our VPSX Enterprise®, MFPsecure/Print, MFPsecure® and other server-based solutions, but eliminates the need for on-premise software installation. Instead, you can leverage any or all of LRS’s proven solutions in your own Private Cloud environment running on your choice of AWS, Azure, Google®, or IBM Cloud® platforms. Depending on your staffing needs, LRS output experts are available to assist your team or your IT outsourcer with system installation, configuration, and integration with your Cloud- or server-based business applications. Once installed, our engineers will train your team to administer the new environment on an ongoing basis.

The LRS Enterprise Cloud Printing Service provides this same robust output management functionality as a comprehensive managed service. After standing up your output management environment in our Microsoft® Azure-based Cloud, our dedicated services team staff will manage your print and output environment on an ongoing basis. From installing devices, drivers, and other components to addressing user-submitted problem tickets, our systems administrators will proactively manage your output environment in accordance with the terms of our service level agreements. Regularly scheduled management updates ensure clear communication between all parties. This managed service offering lets you leverage decades of LRS printing expertise and industry-leading software while eliminating the need to dedicate valuable FTE’s to managing your print network.

LRS Enterprise Cloud Solutions let Organizations:

Leverage the proven functionality of VPSX® software without the need for on-site installation

Take advantage of certified integration with leading  line-of-business applications.

Establish a secure Cloud-based print environment that runs on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or other platforms.

Eliminate the expense of buying, maintaining, powering & cooling servers related to print management.

Delegate output-related operations to skilled LRS experts for reliable document delivery & predictable cost.

Cloud Printing Solutions to Fit any Organization

SolutionLRS CloudPrint (SaaS)LRS Enterprise Cloud PrintingLRS® Enterprise Cloud Printing Service (SaaS)
Managed By: Fully managed by LRS Managed by customer or IT service provider (including
LRS Services Partners)
Fully managed by LRS
Functionality: Addresses typical business requirements for desktop and mobile printing Fully customizable for any requirement including
business applications, VDI, desktop services, mobile
devices and mainframe)
Fully customisable for any requirement including
business applications, VDI, desktop services, mobile
devices and mainframe
Scalability: Proven scalability to support many 10,000s of users and output devices Proven scalability to support many 10,000s of users and output devices Proven scalability to support many 10,000s of users and output devices
Hosting Options: Multi-Tenant hosted on Microsoft Azure Single Tenant (available for Azure, AWS, IBM and Google) Single Tenant hosted on Microsoft Azure

Cloud Printing using Internet Only Connections

LRS: At Your Service

Accessible cloud

As organizations react to changing priorities and business needs, some decide to re-focus their internal IT resources on core business initiatives. To support this effort, LRS has developed a Cloud-based Managed Services offering that combines industry-leading LRS software with our global team of output management experts.

The LRS Cloud Printing Services solution lets you enjoy the benefits our proven software without the need to dedicate your internal staff resources to install, configure, maintain, and support the solutions internally. Instead, LRS can shoulder some or all of these tasks, providing reliable document delivery in a flexible, scalable service model.

Depending on your output requirements and IT landscape, LRS can quickly integrate our solutions with your current computing environment and train your personnel to manage the solution. Alternatively, our team of experts can provide 24x7x365 management of your document environment, with LRS software running in the LRS Cloud or your own Cloud environment.

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