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Pull Printing Solutions

For many organizations, information is their most valuable business asset. Yet at any given moment, countless documents containing trade secrets and confidential customer data lie unclaimed in printer output trays. Depending on the contents, such documents could either represent a fortune in regulatory fines and lost intellectual property.

Pull Printing software from LRS protects sensitive documents by preventing delivery to printers and other destinations until the intended recipient authenticates their identity at the actual output device. LRS® secure print release solutions are available for all major brands.

How does Pull Printing help?

By carefully controlling and monitoring document usage, LRS® software helps organizations:

Scan and print graphic
  • Lower print costs while reducing waste
  • Track, manage and analyze document and printer use
  • Automate document distribution and archival processes
  • Improve end-user mobility and productivity
  • Protect proprietary and confidential information

Features and Benefits of Pull Printing

Multiple methods for user authenticationSupports heterogeneous device fleets; protects
investment in existing printers and MFPs
Documents retained on secure document server
until successful user authentication
Enhances document security; eliminates waste
associated with unclaimed hardcopy documents
Embedded solutions built using official SDKs;
tested, certified by individual MFP manufacturers
Improves usability for device end-users; official support
minimizes impact on help desk & other IT staff
Extensive audit facilities and accounting recordsAids in e-discovery and compliance efforts
Integrates with leading third-party pull printing
Preserves existing investments, provides seamless
rollout of secure printing functionality
Support for print data encryption from client to
server and from server to print device
Protects data in motion across the network to prevent
unauthorized information access
Printer interface

LRS MFPsecure/Print 

Secure document queuing and print release capabilities for a fully-integrated pull printing environment. Print jobs 'follow' employees throughout the organization. Users can access any defined printer on the network and retrieve any or all of their queued print jobs by means of a proximity card or other authentication method (PIN, password).

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