To address the COVID-related challenges of the past year, organizations have revamped IT systems to let end users access business-critical documents and information wherever, however, and whenever they are needed. Now, with the end of the pandemic in sight, companies are looking to leverage this newfound flexibility to their strategic advantage.

This recorded online session will show you how to enhance the end user experience and computing mobility. Join our webinar to learn how LRS output management software helps your users:

  • Easily locate nearby printers, scanners, and other output devices wherever they go
  • Print documents from any physical or virtual desktop, mobile device, or back-end application
  • Maintain compliance with document policies while protecting sensitive information
  • Reduce document waste, enhance productivity, and better serve their customers

Learn More, Save More, and Get More from Your Output Delivery Infrastructure

Hear from presenters Dave Weiner and Jeff Lecko as they explain how LRS solutions are helping companies:

  • Improve business agility and user productivity
  • Better support employees working from home or on the go
  • Optimize and standardize their document infrastructures
  • Increase document security through single sign-on and encryption

Who Should Watch?

Consider watching if you are in a Senior leadership role responsible for your organization’s business systems and infrastructure, digital workplace, and/or end user experience.