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Content Management | LRS Output Management

LRS Content Management

LRS® content management software establishes a single secure facility for storing, locating and viewing critical business application documents and other file types - quickly and with full auditing capabilities.

Designed to provide instant access to critical information, it employs powerful search tools and a user-friendly interface that enables authorized knowledge workers to quickly pinpoint relevant business information. 


PageCenterX® software provides a scalable document and report content management solution that helps users obtain maximum value from information through automated indexing, encryption and advanced search features.

Emergency checklist

PageCenterX/Satellite for Business Continuity

PageCenterX/Satellite software provides continued access to critical business data during planned or unplanned system outages. As an extension of the LRS® Output Management suite, the solution integrates with a variety of business applications.

Server room

PageCenter for Mainframe

PageCenter® software offers an enterprise-wide content management solution for archiving and viewing line data, formatted AFP® and Xerox® data, PDF documents, and much more. Complete logging facilities make it possible for operations staff to track and control report access and user printing volumes.

Helping Organizations

LRS content management software helps organizations comply with regulatory and discovery requirements by placing secure control over the sensitive documents produced by critical line business applications.

The PageCenter® and PageCenterX® solutions are integral parts of our mainframe modernization offering, which addresses both Mainframe Rehosting and Archive Migration.

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