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Document Control | LRS Output Management

Document Control

Inefficiencies occur when users don’t have a lot of control over the printing of their documents. Time is wasted tracking down printing issues, which in turn causes employees to waste their time backtracking and looking for the reason their print job failed. There is a better, more efficient way. 

According to a recent study, LRS® customers reported an 80 percent reduction in printing-related help desk calls after implementing LRS document control software. However, printing errors can and do occur. That’s why it is critical for an enterprise to have a reliable document control solution in place.

LRS Output Management software
 includes a number of features for automatic recovery from most common document delivery failures. But when issues arise, the solution provides a simple yet powerful facility for diagnosing and resolving document problems.

This web-based interface enables administrators and authorized end-users to do a print audit and view the status of all LRS-defined output destinations. Mobile device support and email status messages extend these capabilities to users on-the-go. The modular LRS architecture of this document control software also lets administrators manage multiple remote instances from a central interface, giving administrators control over all enterprise output, regardless of document or printer location. 

Improving the efficiency of your IT staff and end-users with the addition of a document control system can add up to real savings. For every 100 printers managed using LRS software, customers reported over $33,000 in savings and more than a 99% reduction in unplanned downtime. All while increasing the performance of your existing systems and offering more printing control. 

Contact our document experts to learn how LRS can improve your business processes through faster, more reliable document delivery. 

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