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Digitalization for View not Print

Better document access, lower effort and expense

While documents are still the lifeblood of the financial industry, an increasing number of transactions take place in online form. For example, customers can access a PDF copy of a bank statement instead of waiting for a hardcopy statement to be mailed to their home. The same goes for mortgage contracts, insurance policies, and other critical documents.

Sharing and storing such information assets electronically saves time and money. But these do not negate the need for holistic output management. Document digitalization solutions from LRS can help you convert existing application output into digital form and let users access it through PCs, mobile devices, and nearly any web-enabled computing client. At the same time, our scanning and document archive conversion offerings let you access important historical data for better business decisions in the future.


“How does LRS software support digitalization?”

The LRS output management suite includes both scanning and document viewing/archive features that enable your organization to:

Capture, view, and share document-based information using nearly any web-enabled client device. Turn hardcopy documents into digital information assets that are less expensive and more versatile.

Extend the value of existing applications by enabling browser-based access to documents from legacy business systems. This allows you to maximize past IT investments and bring value to your corporate Intranet.

Save money by adopting a “view first then print” approach to documents. In addition to reducing the cost of paper, toner, and other consumables, you can reduce the chance of unauthorized access to hardcopy documents.

Supporting your Digitalization initatives

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Print Reduction

Our “view not print” content management solution that lets you distribute digital access to the documents your users need, rather than distributing the documents themselves

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Document Accessibility

Since 1981, LRS has been the leading provider of output management software for mainframe and other enterprise computing environments. 

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