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End User Experience and Remote Working

Same level of control, regardless of where and how you work

In the financial sector, companies are expected to adapt to customers’ needs, not the other way around. That may mean meeting a client in their office, their home, or some other location. Flexibility and customer service are the keys to success.

Information-intensive companies like banks, insurers, and other financial institutions must deliver documents in a timely and secure manner. Delivering on this promise means giving your customer-facing employees the ability to easily print, scan, or electronically access any document from any source, regardless of where they are working.

“How can LRS software create a unified end user experience?”

The LRS output management suite leverages the power of the Internet to provide users a simple yet powerful interface that delivers:

The same document delivery and control capabilities, regardless of location. Control document delivery and access whether working in the office, from home, on the road, or in a hybrid workplace.

Equivalent functionality and security, regardless of computing client. Whether desktop PC, laptop, virtual desktop session or mobile device, you can print and access the documents you need.

Same high level of administrator access, regardless of platform. Your IT and front-line help desk staff also have flexibility in how and where they do their jobs, without sacrificing security or control.

Work from Home

Employees have worked from their home office for many years. But until recently it was only the case for some exceptions and certainly not en-masse.

This change in the number of remote employees has resulted in new and different ways to work from non-office locations. 

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End User Mobility in your teams

It no longer matters if the banking employees to be tied to a specific office location.  They could work from any locations, including their home office or on site at a customer or account.

Employees could be entirely home bound, work from different office locations or choose a hybrid form.

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