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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

SATO | LRS Printer Vendor Alliance


Go to SATO siteSATO and LRS have collaborated to develop a new application that eliminates the likelihood of duplicate or unprinted labels following an interruption to the print process.

The new app improves efficiency and reduces labelling errors by enabling VPSX® Bi-directional PJL controlled delivery of data to SATO® CLNX series label printers. This capability enables the printer to pick up precisely where it left off if the process is unexpectedly interrupted, without the need for human intervention.

Using the new SATO app and LRS® VPSX Bi-directional PJL delivery will give customers unprecedented control and assurance over their label printing; both preventing problems and providing automatic recovery following an interruption. VPSX Bi-Directional PJL facilitates assured delivery of print data to devices and monitors on a page-by-page basis, allowing the device to notify VPSX when a print job has physically been printed. In the case of device failure, the print run can automatically be restarted from the page where the failure occurred, eliminating duplicate labels.

The app is fully compatible with SATO’s unique AEP (Application Enabled Printing) technology. It is easily installed directly onto the printer via USB or internal network and takes complete care of all communication in PJL using the LRS solution. This app does not interfere with any other printer functions, so the printer can be used within the customer’s environment with confidence. Updates and additions can also be incorporated into the app and then rolled out from a central environment control center, making the print function flexible and responsive to evolving customer requirements.