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Secure Scanning

LRS Secure Data Capture Software

Documents play a critical role in many business processes. Today, organizations need the ability to protect these key information assets while making them easier to share and manage. Secure scanning software helps companies transform physical document workflows into digital ones.

LRS has a powerful suite of doc­ument capture components to help you tailor your infrastructure for the digital workplace. 

MFPsecure/Scan Features & Benefits

Intuitive user interface to simplify personal document scanning operations for usersFosters greater end-user productivity and increased adoption of digitalization across the enterprise
Consistent embedded control panel software across a wide variety of MFP makes & modelsOffers increased hardware flexibility, reduces training costs, and protects your software investment over time
Single sign-on capability and integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, etc.Streamlines end user and administrator tasks related to user authentication & system maintenance
Customizable scanning workflows based on user or group credentialsHelps users perform their work more accurately, more quickly, and with far less effort
Advanced document retouching and OCR capabilitiesImproves document fidelity and usability by producing true digital copies of original hardcopy documents

Secure Scanning in the Digital Workplace

With MFPsecure®/Scan software, you can capture and initiate document workflows from:

  • Touchscreen-enabled MFPs from most leading print hardware manufacturers
  • Android or iOS-based mobile devices including smartphones and tablets

Using these capture devices, users can scan documents and send them to a virtual folder, portal, cloud document repository, email address, FTP server, and other destinations as well as leverage built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities.

Running as embedded software on an MFP, the solution offers single sign-on via proximity cards, PIN codes, and other authentication methods. Likewise, the MFPsecure®/Scan for Mobile running on your mobile device leverages your existing network security credentials to provide access to scan functions. Both versions offer innovative features for faster, more flexible OCR capabilities, advanced barcode recognition, auto­mated faxing, as well as integration with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and leading Cloud storage platforms.

Scan Document Workflows with MFPsecure/Scan

The basic MFPsecure/Scan software gives walk-up users a set of ad-hoc document capture options to improve personal productivity. However, administrators can also create custom workflows tailored to a given user role or team profile. Such workflows facilitate true business process automation that improves organizational efficiency while reducing the risk of human error.

For example, administrators can specify that all employees with Active Directory credentials linked to the Legal department should be presented with a specialized workflow at the MFP panel.

Secure-Scan (1).png

With a single touch of the button, this custom workflow scans and OCRs each page of the document. Based on a customer number located on the top of each page, the software can break individual client orders into separate documents, adding a ‘COPY’ watermark, then saving the documents in special folders associated with the various clients. This makes filing a breeze, saving both time & money.

Printer menu

MFPsecure/Scan Pro

MFPsecure/Scan Pro supports all the features of MFPsecure/Scan with some additional capabilities including:

  • Zonal OCR
  • Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Formats
  • Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint 
  • Database & WebDAV 
Mobile phone application

MFPsecure/Scan for Mobile

For users who work from a home office or out in the field, the MFPsecure®/Scan for Mobile solution puts the powerful scan capabilities of LRS software in the palms of their hands. 

Workers can scan documents using the camera on a mobile device, rearrange or improve the pages as needed, then send them to a folder, email recipient, or other document destination.

MFPsecure/Scan for Mixed Fleet

LRS offers embedded and mobile versions of MFPsecure®/Scan software to support many popular hardware platforms.

Canon logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Canon

Fuji Xerox Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Fuji Xerox

hp logo

MFPsecure/Scan for HP

Konica Minolta Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Konica Minolta

Kyocera logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Kyocera

Lexmark logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Lexmark

Ricoh logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Ricoh

Sharp logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Sharp

Toshiba Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Toshiba

Xerox Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Xerox

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