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Document Audit & Accounting

Document Audit & Accounting

Today, organizations need an efficient way to monitor and control printing costs. From printer usage, to device activity, to security of print jobs, to individual jobs and users across multiple platforms, it takes a tool that encompasses a broad spectrum of utilities to effectively monitor and track the details. It also has to be easy to use and capable of producing meaningful reports that can be used to help in identify cost savings and efficiency opportunities.

When every application and platform in your environment handles its own document printing and online delivery, controlling document security and expense is a difficult task. LRS® software acts as a central point of control much like printer monitoring software for output throughout your organization, making it an ideal place to capture information about document use, misuse, and expense. 

While delivering output to a hardcopy or email destination, the solution can identify and track over 60 document attributes including the job owner, originating system, target destination, page count, color characteristics, and more. Similar information is captured for any document stored or viewed from the web viewer interface. These document "events" create a document audit trail for print accounting to help organizations find savings opportunities, identify security breaches, and aid in compliance efforts.

This document audit information provides a detailed view of an organization’s complete output environment. Customers can analyze this data using a variety of third-party utilities or with an LRS-supplied reporting tool. This print tracking software tool comes with more than a dozen summary and detail reports designed to help companies identify ways to lower costs and increase document security.

Contact our document experts to learn how LRS can help you save money and lower risk through improved document control and document auditing with LRS print monitoring software. 

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