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VPSX Product Extensions | LRS Output Management

VPSX Product Extensions

VPSX software comes in three variations to address different functional requirements:

VSPX Enterprise - Enterprise (server, desktop, and mobile application) Output and Print Management

VPSX/Workplace - Workplace (office, desktop, and mobile application) Output and Print Management

VPSX/DirectPrint - Serverless Direct IP Print Management

Through the use of VPSX Extension Products, you can customize and streamline your document-intensive business processes. The VPSX Product Extensions are listed below:

Mobile applications

Mobile Connector for VPSX

Mobile Connector for VPSX® software extends the powerful document delivery, accounting, viewing, archival and pull printing capabilities of the LRS® Output Management solution to the world of enterprise mobile printing.

Mobile Connector software converts each document from its original file type into a standard PDF format, and sends the document for advanced formatting and subsequent printing. LRS software provides a platform-independent central point of control that eliminates the need to define and maintain troublesome Windows® Print Servers, print queues, and printer drivers.

Summary Report

Output and Print Auditing

Innovate/Audit™ software establishes output auditing for organizations by enabling them to understand how, when, and where documents are being printed as well as who accesses them in online form. This empowers organizations to find savings opportunities and improve compliance with corporate policies regarding data use.

When delivering output to a hardcopy or email destination, LRS® software can identify and track over 60 document attributes including the job owner, originating system, target destination, page count, color characteristics, and more.


Personal Print Manager

The LRS Personal Print Manager (PPM) solution offers users the same high level of control over desktop printing, irrespective of what workstations they are using. This not only helps users stay productive, but dramatically simplifies life for the help desk teams tasked with supporting end user print issues.

By enabling IT self-service, the solution reduces the support burden; and when IT intervention is required, technical staff benefit from having a uniform set of print capabilities that spans multiple platforms.

Virtual Session Printer Agent for VPSX

The Virtual Session Printer Agent for VPSX® (VSPA) software also lets users add printers permanently to their virtual desktops, so these devices are always accessible across multiple virtual desktop sessions.

By making virtual desktop printing more like traditional workstation printing, VSPA software improves the user experience with VDI, which increases overall productivity and reduces support calls.

LRS Affiliate Printing Software

LRS Affiliate Printing software lets you define, manage, and support print devices outside your corporate network in a similar manner to those within your enterprise.

Robust encryption and a lightweight, LRS-managed Cloud messaging layer make secure Internet printing possible. Manage printers both inside and outside the corporate WAN from a single interface.

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