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Scan for Mobile Devices | LRS Output Management

MFPsecure®/Scan for Mobile Software

For users who work from a home office or out in the field, the MFPsecure®/Scan for Mobile solution puts the powerful scan capabilities of LRS software in the palms of their hands. Workers can scan documents using the camera on a mobile device, rearrange or improve the pages as needed, then send them to a folder, email recipient, or other document destination.

Powerful server-based image processing software then performs OCR, image cleanup, barcode recognition and other operations in the background before sending documents to their final destination.

Mobile Scan Workflow


MFPsecure/Scan for Mixed Fleet

LRS offers embedded and mobile versions of MFPsecure®/Scan software to support many popular hardware platforms.

Canon logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Canon

Fuji Xerox Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Fuji Xerox

hp logo

MFPsecure/Scan for HP

Konica Minolta Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Konica Minolta

Kyocera logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Kyocera

Lexmark logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Lexmark

Ricoh logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Ricoh

Sharp logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Sharp

Toshiba Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Toshiba

Xerox Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Xerox

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