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LRS Enterprise Application Integration supporting application printing

Enterprise Application Integration

Like most businesses, your organization likely has a number of applications that are critical to your daily operations. However, unless they act as an integrated system, they are like isolated “islands of information” in your IT landscape — each with a separate infrastructure for managing delivery of printed documents.

By establishing a single point of control for managing output across all relevant applications in your environment, LRS solutions ensure delivery of your critical documents to printers, e-mail recipients, electronic archives, and other destinations. In addition to providing reliable enterprise application printing, LRS solutions remove CPU-intensive print processes from your application servers. This improves the efficiency of your overall IT environment, dramatically improving system performance.

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Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration

LRS Enterprise Output Management solutions integrate output management with your application software landscape to help prevent business process failures. For example, a “printing successful” notification for a system-generated order could trigger a shipping fulfillment process started by a job scheduling application or process automation tool.

Throughout the process, LRS solutions monitor the progress of document delivery. If errors are detected, rules-based error recovery and event-triggered automation processes step in to help rectify the situation.

“How does enterprise application integration apply to my environment?”

Take a simple example from an order fulfilment system…

  1. Imagine a shipping process involves a box moving down a conveyer.
  2. At the end of the conveyer are two printers – one producing invoices to be placed inside the box and the other producing labels to be applied to the outside.
  3. If the printing of either of these documents fails, LRS solutions send out a notification.
  4. This, in turn, can trigger process correction steps, rerouting the job to an alternate printer or notifying relevant parties to step in and manually address the issue.
  5. Additionally, LRS solutions supply print-related statistics that can be used to identify hidden costs and compliance issues, helping you to save money and minimize risk throughout your organization.

Enterprise application integration enables all of the individual systems in your environment to work together and help the organization function efficiently. Result? Lower costs, better customer and employee satisfaction, and greater competitiveness.

Contact our output management experts to learn how our integrated solutions can improve your business processes and your bottom line.

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