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Improve SAP End User Experience - SAP Print and Output Management

Improve End User Experience

Many companies claim that people are their most important asset. If so, then companies should do everything possible to use those human assets in the most effective manner. But if your SAP infrastructure cannot deliver business-critical SAP documents in a reliable, timely manner, business processes suffer. You can’t get the most from your most important assets if they lack the information they need to do their jobs.

Information like SAP reports that track inventory and sales trends. Shipping orders and pick lists. Even SAP label printing and SAP barcode printing that works with scanning and tracking systems to ensure workflow continuity. In the field of manufacturing and logistics, documents such as these are the link between the optimized work processes created by your IT systems and the physical world where your customers and end users do their jobs.

Stacked Devices

Helping End Users

LRS® software improves your end user experience by providing faster, more reliable access to document-based information. Mobile print capabilities let these users print documents from any smartphone or wireless computing device to any output destination in your company.

Pull printing software enables authorized users to retrieve queued documents by simply tapping a security badge at the nearest MFP or print device. Whether they are needed in electronic or hardcopy form, LRS solutions ensure that users get the documents necessary to do their jobs.

Simplify your Document Enviornment

Large print networks can be extremely complicated, often involving thousands of printers as well as hundreds of servers and print drivers to install and maintain. The LRS solution simplifies document environments by bringing order to printing chaos and providing a centralized tool to manage this complexity. To end users, printing “just works,” so they can focus more on their jobs and less on printing their SAP reports, customer correspondence, and other documents.

By streamlining access to application output, your organization can get more from both your information and human assets — which translates to more productive employees, improved customer service, and a stronger bottom line.

“How can LRS software improve my SAP document environment?”

The VPSX/OutputManager solution and its extensions combine to automate and simplify many output-related tasks. The solution can help with:

SAP label printing — LRS products are tested to work with Zebra ZPL devices and hardware from other major label printer manufacturers to ensure reliable output delivery and error recovery in mission-critical production environments.

Printing SAP reports — The LRS solution can enhance the presentation of SAP reports as well as incorporate watermarks and other security features with no changes to the actual SAP application.

SAP print to PDF/A — Depending on the native data stream generated by your SAP application, LRS software can transform the original format from printer-ready data streams into PDF/A format or vice-versa. All with no end user intervention or application changes.

SAP barcode printing — LRS Document Process Automation extensions support a variety of barcode formats including Aztec, DataMatrix, Maxicode, QR code, and more. No additional software is required to be installed in your SAP applications or elsewhere. This solution lets organizations print barcodes on numerous printer types, regardless of their native barcode capabilities or installed fonts.

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Simplify Print and Output Management for SAP S/4HANA.  Don’t migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated print servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS.

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