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Roaming Worker Printing & Scanning over the Public Internet

Internet Print and Scan for Roaming Workers

Now, as always, there are some employees who need to work from the field instead of the office. Through the use of mobile devices and fast wireless networks, these road warriors can often access the same critical business data they do while back at their desk. What they cannot do is print business-critical documents - where and when they are needed - in a secure manner.

For example, say a field representative needs to print a customer order or an expense form from a Cloud-based application. They access the system from their wirelessly-connected laptop, but the application will not allow the user to print to the printer at the airport business lounge for security reasons.

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How can you ensure the security of sensitive print traffic when a roaming employee needs to print at their remote work site

LRS® Internet Printing lets you leverage robust encryption, an industry-leading authentication framework, and other security measures to establish a lightweight, Internet-connected IT landscape without costly WAN expansion or reliance on VPN software and hardware.

The solution marries four decades of output management experience and the latest networking technologies in pursuit of a singular output management goal:

Support every print/scan feature and function available in your current on-premise corporate network environment while enabling the connection between your data center, print devices, and users’ computing devices to be via the Public Internet.

Result? Improved user productivity, increased security, and greater IT flexibility. All without sacrificing the security and integrity of your business-critical documents.

The LRS Internet Printing solution helps your roaming users securely print from your cloud or corporate applications to remote printers via secure HTTPS connections. They can also scan documents on the go using a camera-equipped mobile device to initiate business workflows.

The solution supports:

Printing from wirelessly connected Windows® and Mac® laptops: authorized users can print from their desktop applications to locally defined printers. When they do, all user print activities are are tracked and auditable by your IT department for compliance and security purposes.

Printing from an iOS® or Android® device: authorized users can submit print jobs for later pull printing. When they do, all user print activities are are tracked and auditable by your IT department for compliance and security purposes.

MFP scan workflows using a mobile device: employees can scan documents using the VPSX® Print App on an iOS or Android mobile device, rearrange or adjust the pages as needed, then send them to a folder or initiate a document workflow.

By enabling roaming employees to securely print and scan while working on the road, LRS software helps you eliminate the cost and hassle related to VPN infrastructure, leased lines, and more.  Contact LRS to learn more about our Internet printing solutions.

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