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Simplify IT Service with output & print Management

Simplify IT Service

Studies show that 25 to 50 percent of all help desk calls are related to printing. Aside from the increase in support costs, failure to implement an effective output management strategy can put key business processes at risk. Result? Missed service level agreements, unhappy customers, and a negative impact on the bottom line.


25 to 50 percent of all help desk calls are related to printing

LRS® software simplifies output management, thereby minimizing the need to involve support staff for document-related problems. The few calls that remain are resolved at lower cost at level 1 without escalating to more expensive level 2 or 3 resources. In fact, a recent study indicates that customers running LRS Output Management software experienced 65% more efficient printer management, 68% less printer user support and 55% fewer printer outages.

The LRS Output and Print Management software acts as a central point of control for managing the delivery of any document from any platform to any printer or destination. Documents are tracked from the moment of creation until successful delivery. Simple yet powerful web-based tools let administrators monitor print progress, redirect output to an alternate device, or reprint documents in an instant.

Contact our document experts to learn how LRS can simplify your IT service by improving control over your document environment.