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Google Chromebook Cloud Printing

Printing with Google Chromebooks and LRS Enterprise Output Management  

Chrome Enterprise Recommended (image)

Google Chromebooks are popular devices which are increasingly used in enterprise environments.

LRS Enterprise Output Management (EOM) software is used by large numbers of enterprise-level customers around the world and provides unrivalled management and control of print and digital documents for all platforms and applications, from mainframe to mobile. LRS EOM software allows management of very large numbers of devices whilst dramatically reducing infrastructure requirements. Secure print and scan, end-to-end encryption and assured document delivery and auditing are provided for all major printer hardware types. Applications such as SAP can be easily integrated, and automated document workflows introduced. Administration is dramatically reduced whist end user experience is improved.

Printing from Chromebooks was typically done using Google Cloud Print, but from January 1, 2021, Google Cloud Print will be deprecated (no longer supported) and an alternative therefore needs to be found.

Native Chromebook printing using LRS® software was developed through LRS partnering with Google. LRS software allows Chromebook print jobs to be centrally managed, printed to any type of output device or output channel, secured using pull-print and end-to-end encryption and fully audited to ensure compliance with corporate policies.

Let LRS Manage Your Chromebook Printing

LRS software integrates with the Chrome Enterprise Console; administrators simply define their LRS print queues in the console and these are synchronized to managed Chromebooks via policies. There is nothing to install or manage on the Chromebooks. Once a document is ‘printed,’ LRS manages the assured document delivery and auditing process. The options for the entire holistic LRS solution set therefore become available for Chromebook users.

Additional LRS ‘value add’ functions for Chromebook users include:

  • Control tray options and commands for stapling etc. which are not available in the Chromebook print driver
  • Automatically add watermarks and security overlay to documents
  • Pull-print integration using the users Gmail and Active Directory credentials concurrently
  • Scan from MFD's to Google Drive

LRS Output Managmeent for Google Chromebook

Google Chromebook Printing Choices

Push Print

Prints a document immediately. The print file is sent to a specific queue for each physical printer on the VPSX Server. The VPSX server will deliver the print files to the physical printer as soon as it is available.

Click here for installation guide
Pull Print

Prints a document to a logical queue. The user then authenticates at any enabled printers and has the options to select which files to print. LRS offer several options for authentication and print release, including an embedded LRS software client on the MFP with card and/or code authentication and authentication from a mobile phone App or Web App)

Click here for installation guide

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