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Setting up Google Chromebook Pull Printing

Setting up Pull Printing

Download the full installation guide

Activate username and job name information (Required)

  • Login to Google Enterprise Administration Console
  • Activate Policy
  • go to: Print Job information section
  • Select "include user account and filename in print job"
Google Enterprise Console for Chromebook Printing

Check/configure Printer

  • Login to LRS VPSX Web Console
  • Open the printer list
Enterprise Google Chromebook Printing
  • Check printers: MFPsecure®/Print license & agent deployment
Setting up VPSX for Google Chromebook Printing
  • Check/configure Pull Print queue
Configure Printing for Google Chromebook

Create user aliases

  • If the google user name used by Chromebook is different to the Active Directory (AD) credentials for same user, an alias can be defined to allow concurrent use of both google and AD user name for pull print release
  • Login to LRS VPSX Web Console and select MFPsecure -> Users
  • Look up the AD user name
  • Add the Google user name in the Alias field for the AD user name
Enabling Pull Printing for Chromebook Users

Create Enterprise Pull-Print virtual printer

  • Login in Google Enterprise Administration Console
  • go to Printers list
  • Click yellow "+" to add printer
Adding a Google Chromebook Printer

Create printer using server name & queue name

Create pull printer for Google Chromebook
  • Printer name: is the Pull-Print queue name visible to users
  • Description: adds complementary information
  • Select the most suitable driver for your system, compatible with all pull-print printers
  • Select Protocol, IPPS is mandatory
  • Enter port: 9443 is default IPPS port for LRS servers
  • Path: is the matching pull-print queue name in VPSX
  • Select created printer and activate availability options for users
Google Chromebook Enterprise Console Pull Printing Setup
  • Click "Save"

User test

  • Print a document from a Chromebook
    • Login to a managed Chromebook
    • Open a document and click on the "Print" button on top right
Google Chromebook Pull Printing Test
  • In destination, select "See More..."
Choose a Pull Printer for Google Chromebook
  • Select the newly defined pull-print queue then click "Print"
Choose Pull Printing for Google Chromebook Printing
  • The system should send back a "printing message”, then "Printing complete"
Pull Printing with Google Chromebook

View waiting print jobs list

  • Login in LRS VPSX Web console
  • Open the Pull Print queue
Pull Print Job Printed for Google Chromebook
  • You will see the print job, in waiting status with user information associated to it

Collect print job

  • Go to any LRS Pull Print enabled printer
  • Authenticate with a card or PIN
  • Open Secure Print app
  • Select a job to print or use "Print All" to release all submitted jobs

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