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Secure Scanning

Secure Scanning Solutions

To succeed in today’s business world, organizations need the ability to create, share, and preserve the most valuable business asset of all: information. The “any information, anytime, anywhere” workplace demands that IT departments automate manual processes and digitize the many documents used in everyday business transactions.

Secure scanning software from LRS lets authorized users digitize hardcopy documents and convert them back into easily shareable electronic form. Versatile optical character recognition (OCR) features create searchable PDF files to help users quickly locate information and leverage document metadata. Document optimization features automatically improve the appearance of scanned images by eliminating spots, hole punches, skewed pages, and other imaging artifacts. All while lowering the cost and risk associated with printed documents.

Scanning for MFP's

LRS output infograph

How does Scanning Software Work?

The LRS MFPsecure®/Scan solution can run either as embedded software on an MFP or as a feature of the versatile Android or iOS-based VPSX Print App on a smartphone or tablet device. Either way, the solution provides intelligent scan enhancement capabilities that help your organization:­­­­

  • Turn existing devices into a scanner with email function and/or other third party DMS
  • Scan and convert hardcopy documents to digital formats
  • Capture text from images
  • Optimize document appearance and searchability
  • Easily share document-based data throughout your organization
  • Store data assets for reuse and compliance
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MFPsecure/Scan is a high-performance, feature-rich document scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your document management workflows into your information infrastructure. 

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Managing Scan and Print Workflows from Multi-Function Devices - On Demand Webinar

LRS is Standard, Multivendor, and Secure. A “single point of control” software layer to manage secure delivery of all scanning, printing, and pull print functions across the enterprise for any multifunctional device. Watch Now.

Cloud Printing

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