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Managed Services | Service Operation

Service Operation

With the successful Go-Live of the LRS Managed Services solution, our team takes over responsibility for the operation of your print environment. During this Service Operation phase, LRS staff manages:

  • Incidents – Our Managed Services staff will open and manage support incidents from initial ticket creation until successful resolution with second-level (or higher) level product support contacts. LRS can use our own service management tools or your existing ticket management software.
  • Events – Using our LRS/AlertX utility and VPSX/Enterprise dashboards, we continually monitor the health of your document delivery environment to ensure network performance and stability.
  • Problems – We perform proactive and reactive problem control to minimize impacts on business users and provide timely reports of incidents and trends to help you optimize your environment.
  • Changes – When infrastructure changes are necessary to ensure performance and stability, our technicians adhere to your organization’s change management and testing policies.
  • Software Releases and Deployments – LRS Managed Services staff ensure that all relevant software levels, fixes, etc. are applied in test and production environments within the agreed-upon maintenance windows. Timely software updates are critical for optimal system performance.
  • Contracts & Licenses – LRS Managed Services staff manages all licensing tasks needed to ensure your LRS software remains in compliance with all applicable agreement terms.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – LRS staff ensures compliance with all agreed-upon system availability and service levels. Depending on your business needs, you can select from various support levels ranging from Business Hours Monday-Friday, 24x5, and 24x7. All service level agreements automatically include LRS’ emergency off-hours coverage.

All aspects of these environmental management activities are conducted in accordance with the roles and escalation procedures set forth between the parties in the Managed Services agreement. LRS and the customer each play an important role in a successful collaboration along with other parties such as hardware suppliers, outside services vendors, cloud infrastructure platforms, and more.

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