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Document Transforms | Document Process Automation

Document Transforms

LRS® Document Transforms enable organizations to preserve their investments in existing systems while taking advantage of new printer capabilities and output technologies.

For example, many legacy systems were designed to generate formatted documents for printing on Xerox®, IBM®, or other proprietary hardware. Using LRS Document Transforms, these same applications can create PDF files for email delivery or PCL® and PostScript® data streams for delivery to inexpensive office printers and multi-function devices.

LRS Document Transforms help organizations minimize IT costs by giving organizations greater flexibility in delivering information. The solutions are available for a variety of computing platforms and data streams.

Document Transform Capabilities

LRS Document Transforms can convert data or print streams to/from most input and output formats including:

Diagram showing data stream conversion capabilities to the LRS Enterprise Output Server 

To find out more about our document transforms and how we can help you, contact us.