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VPSX for Cerner | Healthcare Output & Print Management

LRS Output Management for Cerner

Cerner Corporation’s Millennium solution is used by some of the largest healthcare providers to manage healthcare processes which are by nature time- and privacy-sensitive. These processes rely on wristbands, prescription orders, and other Millennium-generated output to ensure timely patient care.

VPSX for Cerner handles over 60 million CernerWorks jobs per year in real-world customer environments.

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Integration with Cerner

Our VPSX/MI (Millennium Interface) product provides a complete output management solution for all of the open systems platforms on which Cerner Millennium® runs, including UNIX®, Linux®, and Windows®.

Our integration with Cerner Milliennium gives users direct feedback as to the success/failure of the delivery of any document.  In the event of a problem, a document can be rerouted or diverted by the end user, thus ensuring business-critical documents always get printed as they are needed.

How EMR Print Management Works

Benefits of the LRS Integrated Print Solution

Together, the combination of LRS software and intelligent print hardware in Cerner environments:

  • Provides a single point of control for an unlimited number of devices
  • Handles Millennium backend and Charting output while offering a consolidated view of all printers
  • Manages Millennium and other application output using one platform to print, view, archive, or email
  • Eliminates the need to have multiple networking groups or companies involved in troubleshooting
  • Uses a single printer definition per printer for all applications (Millennium, Charting, Soarian, Windows, Citrix, or other)
  • Decreases the time to deploy new printers from days to minutes
  • Enables hospitals to transform Cerner PostScript® output to other formats like PDF

Healthcare Support


The LRS® software has a fully documented audit trail of who, when & where documents were printed or viewed to aid compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Authorized end users can also search all documents for a given value (i.e., patient, procedure, account number) and view the “hits” online instantaneously.  This audit trail can also be used to measure and analyze output to aid in management reporting and cost analysis.

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Electronic delivery of critical care information

LRS software can provide fail-safe electronic distribution of reports such as MAR and Physician Rounding Reports for continuity during downtime events.

The solution analyzes document contents for rules-based distribution to the correct destinations. Once complete, the documents are then electronically delivered to nursing stations and remote facilities.

Output Infrastructure

VPSX/MI software makes the most of system resources and relieves Cerner Millennium of the burden of managing document delivery to printers and other devices.

The LRS solution replaces incumbent print infrastructure and enables you to eliminate redundant print servers.  The software also enables remote clinicians to access their documents via a web browser, printing what they need on devices at their location, i.e., home, clinic, etc.

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EOM healthcare infographic

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LRS provides market-leading output and print management solutions. Scalable for hospitals and institutions of any size, our Healthcare and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) printing software bridges the gap between digital and physical documents for the secure and reliable delivery of patient records and other sensitive documents.

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