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LRS Services | Custom Development

Custom Development

LRS® Output Management software is designed for extreme flexibility and adaptability. Our technical services staff are experienced in configuring LRS solutions to support custom document workflows or direct interfaces to business applications from SAP, Epic, Cerner, MicroFocus, and in-house/bespoke systems. In addition, members of our LRS Special Projects Development Group are available to create customized applications, filters, and other coding solutions to address the unique needs of your organization.

In-depth knowledge of the extensive VPSX Enterprise™, VPS® and PageCenterX® Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enables our experts to seamlessly integrate LRS software into your IT environment. Recent examples include:

  • Creation of a web-based print portal for a large pharmaceutical company, allowing workers to quickly locate and print to the nearest device by searching on an online map
  • Integration of LRS software with an automated asset management system at a global manufacturer, eliminating the need to manually define printers in their environment
  • Sophisticated decollation and indexing of third-party financial reports being sent to a major mortgage company, for rapid, web-based access by loan officers

Regardless of your challenges, the experts at LRS can help you streamline document workflows, improve worker productivity, and reduce costs. Click here to discuss your needs with our technical services team