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Modernization Products | Mainframe Modernization & Rehosting

Mainframe Modernization and Rehosting

With decades of experience managing output in both mainframe and open systems environments, LRS understands the role documents play in critical business processes. Our software provides reliable document delivery to printers and web-based document viewing facilities to replace legacy document archive tools.

The capabilities of the solution, combined with the ability to communicate with LRS® software running on a legacy system, simplify the platform migration process. LRS software runs on all popular enterprise computing platforms, giving migration project teams additional flexibility. 

VPSX/MFI (Micro Focus® Interface)

LRS offers a variety of products and services to ensure the success of your modernization efforts. Developed in collaboration with Micro Focus International, the VPSX/MFI (Micro Focus® Interface) product provides a functional replacement for your JES-based legacy output infrastructure. This minimizes application changes needed when migrating legacy applications using Micro Focus Enterprise Application Modernization tools.

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VPSX/DPE (Dell Processing Environment)

LRS also offers the VPSX/DPE application interface. This tool was originally developed to work with the Clerity Unikix environment, which was subsequently acquired by Dell and is now owned by NTT DATA. The VPSX/DPE tool has helped enterprises seamlessly migrate their print environments during large modernization and platform migration projects.

LRS Services & Support

In addition to these and other platform modernization solutions, LRS has a team of output experts who understand the complexity of printing on multiple platforms. They know how to get any document from anywhere, in any form to any destination, and have decades of experience helping customers address output challenges. 

Whether it’s mainframe generated output that needs to print on a standard laser printer or an archive of electronic documents being migrated to an open system, LRS has the people and products to help. To contact LRS Experts, click here.

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