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LRS Managed Services

LRS Managed Services

Priorities and business needs change; it’s the nature of most industries. In response to customers who are no longer maintaining software experts internally, or who prefer to focus their technical resources elsewhere, LRS is now offering Managed Services for your LRS software.

What if the very output management experts who created your print solution could do all the administration and servicing of your LRS software and free you up to focus on your other areas of responsibility? You can exploit your in-house technical knowledge to advance corporate initiatives that will better position your company for success. 

Let the LRS software experts manage your LRS software. LRS can remotely administer your software from our own offices whether you are running it on prem or in the Cloud. Our Managed Services output management technicians will take on the oversight and management of your LRS software. We can manage your software in three different ways with varying levels of support:

  • On a limited number of hours per week or month
  • During regular business hours in a region or territory
  • Using an ongoing 24/7 or a “Follow the Sun” model

A team of LRS staff will be dedicated to delivering Managed Services for your company. These LRS professionals are continuously available to handle and oversee any issues you may experience with your LRS software.

Printing has typically been an afterthought. Now you can be comfortable in that fact, while knowing that the output management experts have it covered.

LRS can:

  1. Manage LRS products running on prem at your site
  2. Manage licensed LRS products running in the LRS Cloud or other location
  3. Host LRS software in the LRS Cloud and provide the management and administration of our products

What You Can Expect from LRS Managed Services

With the LRS Managed Services solution, our staff will be responsible for:

  • Updating new releases
  • Testing LRS product upgrades
  • Handling daily monitoring and management—the care and feeding of your LRS software
  • Logging incidents in the customer’s incident management system
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues related to LRS software, updating tickets, and closing or rerouting issues according to Customer policy
  • Escalating incidents to LRS Support (Level 3) when a Managed Services output management technician is unable to resolve the issue. Your Managed Services technician will be the primary contact for working with LRS Support until the issue is resolved and will update the customer ticket accordingly.
  • Adding or updating print drivers
  • Modifying print queues (change, add, delete) in the VPS and VPSX software
  • Adding and updating filters provided by LRS Systems Engineers or Product Support
  • Creating security groups and assigning permissions based on Active Directory Groups
  • Managing the VPSX Printer Portal—we upload and remove maps provided to LRS by the customer and update devices on the maps

Available for the LRS product suite

The LRS suite runs on a variety of operating systems. LRS Managed Services can host and manage our software on Windows, UNIX, Linux and z/OS.

Contact LRS to Learn More

To learn more, contact your LRS Account Executive or email