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LRS Cloudprint

LRS CloudPrint®, the SaaS print management service from LRS Output Management

The secure, easy-to-implement cloud printing solution that allows you to eliminate print servers and free up your IT department.

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Goodbye to Print Servers

Cloud Printing made easy

Say goodbye to any print servers you have and look forward to a service that allows your organization to print without thinking about it.

Administrators can manage services instead of servers. Plus, it’s easy to implement, secure and future proof. Users can print what, how and when they want to.

With nearly 40 years of experience in printing, put our legacy of innovation and vision for the future to work for you. LRS CloudPrint is the cloud print server for you.

LRS CloudPrint Benefits

Easy to configure and deploy.

Reduce the cost of infrastructure (cloud migration).

End-to-end encrypted cloud printing with authenticated release at the device.

Effortless management of print service with minimal IT service requirements.

Built-in auditing and reporting for cost analysis and compliance reporting.

Print securely from desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

LRS CloudPrint is:

  • Simple for end users to adopt (transparent once installed)
  • Connects to any network connected printer
  • Enables serverless printing
  • Scales with your business as you grow
  • Works with tablets, mobile devices, laptops, desktops
  • Highly available
  • SaaS Subscription-based equals low entry cost
  • Centralized administration
  • Built-in authentication at printer (pull printing)
  • Secure and encrypted printing
  • Customizable reporting/analytics
  • Built in printer driver management
  • Automatic service updates
  • Protect personal data with redacted settings
  • Azure © Entra ID Integration
  • Deployed on the Azure Cloud

What is Cloud Printing?

Download our infographic to learn more about managing your printing in the cloud.


Closer Look at LRS CloudPrint

Secure Cloud Printing

End-to-end encrypted printing with built-in Pull Printing for authenticated release at the device 

Data Protection Requirements?

LRS CloudPrint puts you in charge of your data with redaction and purging settings

Dashboards and Reports

See who is printing what and where, with full auditing and tracking for compliance or accounting

Additional information on LRS Cloud Printing Solutions

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