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Mobile/BYOD Printing From the Cloud

Having the ability to work from anywhere is more critical than ever.

Having the ability to print from wherever they are which is also known as mobile printing, is just as important. Users want the ability to bring their own device (BYOD,) be mobile, access documents, and print anywhere they find themselves.

More people are working remotely which means they need to have the ability to print-on-the-go and print remotely whether they are printing from a laptop, printing from a tablet, or printing email from their phone.

Workers are no longer tied to an office so printing remotely has become an expectation. Cloud printing, cloud documents and a cloud print app can simplify the needs of mobile printing. Cloud solutions offer easy an easy way for BYOD users to access documents and print anywhere.

The Leader in Enterprise Printing
Now Offers Cloud Printing

LRS is the leader in enterprise print management. With the recent introduction of LRS CloudPrint we have made the natural evolution into cloud managed printing by offering a cloud-based printing solution for BYOD users and the mobile workforce. Other enterprise cloud solutions exist, but few have the expertise and legacy of an experienced enterprise output management company such as LRS behind them. LRS CloudPrint is cloud printing management done right.

LRS CloudPrint is easy-to-use, low-cost, and scalable for small to medium sized organizations that are looking for a cloud-based printing solution. It eliminates the need for complex internal IT infrastructure and cloud print queues are managed through a portal that is easy to manage by a single staff member.

Best of all, it is FREE to try for 30-days.

LRS CloudPrint is Easy, Affordable, Adaptable and Free for 30 Days

Looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use solution printing solutions? Want to eliminate the need for your own internal IT infrastructure? Need an easy way to keep staff at a minimum to manage your printing? Would you prefer to try before you buy?

The answer? LRS CloudPrint.

LRS CloudPrint is a simple, inexpensive yet fully-featured cloud printing solution tailored to small-to-medium sized businesses that are interested in harnessing the power of printing via the cloud. It’s for organizations that don’t have a staff to manage their own IT infrastructure and need a simple one-person option. Better yet, it’s a solution that you can try for free for 30 days with no risk.

With LRS CloudPrint, a single administrator manages the set-up from a cloud print portal. Printing is transparent to end-users. It’s low-cost and scales with your business as it changes and grows. You’ll only pay for what you need. Your software will never be obsolete; updates are done automatically so you’ll always be on the most current version. One less headache.

Key Features of LRS CloudPrint:

  • Only pay for what you need/use
  • No IT and print servers needed
  • Uses Microsoft Azure AD for security/authentication
  • A single admin portal does it all
  • Offers tracking/reporting capabilities
  • Mobile cloud printing and pull printing capabilities
  • Always current; service updates are delivered automatically
  • Built-in printer driver management
  • All data is encrypted in motion and at rest
  • Try it FREE for 30 Days

LRS CloudPrint is Free for 30 Days

Try LRS CloudPrint for free for 30 days. All You will need is to have an Azure® Active Directory tenant. The 30-day free trial is restricted to 25 users but your users can print as much as they like during the free-trial period.

You can install as many printers and pull printers as needed to test your devices. If at the end of 30 days you haven’t made a decision about whether LRS CloudPrint is right for you, your LRS CloudPrint data and printer set-up will be kept for 120 days. If you decide to subscribe to LRS CloudPrint, you won’t lose any time getting started. And if you choose to not proceed with LRS CloudPrint and want your data purged, you’ll simply enter a support request via the Account Management portal.

There’s no risk to you try LRS CloudPrint. Make cloud printing easy.

If you’re a larger organization that needs help with its printing, check out for more robust solutions to managing your enterprise printing. We’ve been doing this for many years and can handle any size organization’s needs.

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