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LRS Output Management

Auditing and Reporting on Cloud Printing

Operate Efficiently and Securely by Tracking Output

In order to maintain operational efficiency and control costs it’s important to have automated reporting tools and web-based analytics to help track user activity. In particular as it relates to users and their printing habits and activity. Whether it’s traditional printing or secure cloud printing, the same rules apply.

If you’re considering using a cloud printing solution, you’ll want that includes a cloud reporting tool that provides cloud print analytics, cloud data reporting, web-based reporting, and cloud printing analysis. Sometimes the need for cloud print reports and tools can be overlooked when searching for the right secure cloud printing solution that fits for your organization. Not every cloud printing solution is created equal.

The Leader in Enterprise Printing Now Offers Cloud Printing

Having the ability to pull a report that provides auditing of cloud print activity allows you to monitor printing costs and take immediate corrective action if necessary. It can also improve security and identify where your cloud printing could be vulnerable. Cloud print reports help shore up those areas quickly and easily.

For organizations considering moving to a cloud printing environment, be sure it includes a comprehensive set of cloud print reports, auditing cloud print activity and enough cloud print analysis tools to keep apprised of your organization’s printing habits.

Auditing and Reporting on Cloud Printing with LRS CloudPrint

LRS is a leader in enterprise output management and our print management solutions offer reporting and analytical tools to assist in producing comprehensive reports about user print activity. Our newest offering, LRS CloudPrint is no exception and includes cloud print reports and tracking capabilities for cloud-based reporting.

LRS CloudPrint is Easy, Affordable, Adaptable and Free for 30 Days

Looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use solution printing solutions? Want to eliminate the need for your own internal IT infrastructure? Need an easy way to keep staff at a minimum to manage your printing? Would you prefer to try before you buy?

The answer? LRS CloudPrint.

LRS CloudPrint is a simple, inexpensive yet fully featured cloud printing solution tailored to small to medium sized businesses that are interested in harnessing the power of printing via the cloud. It’s for organizations that don’t have a staff to manage their own IT infrastructure and need a simple one-person option. Better yet, it’s a solution that you can try for free for 30 days with no risk.

With LRS CloudPrint, a single administrator manages the set-up from a cloud print portal. Printing is transparent to end-users. It’s low-cost and scales with your business as it changes and grows. You’ll only pay for what you need. And your software will never be obsolete; updates are done automatically so you’ll always be on the most current version. One less headache.

Key Features of LRS CloudPrint:

  • Only pay for what you need/use
  • No IT and print servers needed
  • Uses Microsoft Azure AD for security/authentication
  • A single admin portal does it all
  • Offers tracking/reporting capabilities
  • Mobile cloud printing and pull printing capabilities
  • Always current; service updates are delivered automatically
  • Built-in printer driver management
  • All data is encrypted in motion and at rest
  • Try it FREE for 30 Days

Try LRS CloudPrint Risk-Free

Try LRS CloudPrint for free for 30 days. All You will need is to have an Azure® Active Directory tenant. The 30-day free trial is restricted to 25 users but your users can print as much as they like during the free-trial period.

You can install as many printers and pull printers as needed to test your devices. If at the end of 30 days you haven’t made a decision about whether LRS CloudPrint is right for you, your LRS CloudPrint data and printer set-up will be kept for 120 days. If you decide to subscribe to LRS CloudPrint, you won’t lose any time getting started. And if you choose to not proceed with LRS CloudPrint and want your data purged, you’ll simply enter a support request via the Account Management portal.

There’s no risk to you so why not give LRS CloudPrint a trial run?

Make cloud printing easy. Choose LRS CloudPrint.

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