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LRS Cloudprint

Easy Cloud Printing for your Business

LRS CloudPrint offers you a low-cost, easy-to-use solution that does away with the need for an internal IT infrastructure, and staff to manage your cloud printing. A single administrator manages the set-up from a cloud print portal making printing transparent to end-users. It’s a low-cost solution and scales with your business as it changes and grows. You’ll only pay for what you need. And your software will never be obsolete; updates are done automatically so you’ll always be on the most current version. LRS CloudPrint received a Pick award for 'Outstanding Cloud Print Infrastructure Platform' from Keypoint Intelligence. LRS CloudPrint is an Azure Active Directory (AD) printing solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Features of LRS CloudPrint

Low cost-only pay for what you need.

No need for IT and print servers.

Uses Microsoft Azure AD for security/authentication.

Single admin portal.

Offers tracking/reporting capabilities.

Provides mobile cloud printing and pull printing capabilities.

Service updates delivered automatically.

Built-in printer driver management.

Data is encrypted in motion and at rest.

Technology FAQ

Compliance and GDPR FAQ

What is Cloud Printing?

Download our infographic to learn more about managing your printing in the cloud.


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