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Streamline clinical document delivery and printing for Cerner Millennium

Cerner Printing

Cerner Corporation’s Millennium solution is used by major healthcare providers to manage critical healthcare processes. These processes rely on wristbands, prescription orders, and other Millennium-generated output to ensure timely patient care. Cerner EMR problems, including Cerner printing problems, can disrupt these critical processes and delay patient care.

Some of the largest Cerner® software installations rely on Cerner EMR print solutions from LRS for secure, reliable delivery of lab reports, discharge orders, nursing station work lists, and other care-related documents. Built from the ground up for horizontal and vertical scalability, our Cerner print solutions minimize Cerner printing issues by offering a flexible, scalable alternative to native queue management. 

In the native CernerWorks environment, it can take hours or days to add or maintain printers and queues. The inability for hospital IT staff to locally diagnose and solve day-to-day Cerner printing problems results in slower Cerner EMR problem resolution times and delayed patient care. 

Working with CernerWorks

Using a documented and supported interface to the Cerner architecture, the VPSX/MI (Millennium Interface) solution receives document requests from Cerner Millennium® software and routes them to the intended print device. 

VPSX/MI software streamlines Cerner document delivery in some of the largest, most complex Millennium environments. Click here to find out how LRS can save you time and money while improving patient care. 

Cerner Print Management.PNG

Benefits of VPSX/MI software:

  • LRS supports Millennium backend and Charting output from one consolidated view of all printers
  • Manage Millennium and other application output using one platform to print, view, archive, fax, or email
  • LRS eliminates the need to have multiple networking groups/companies involved in troubleshooting Cerner printing issues
  • LRS supports Windows printing as well as other enterprise application output including documents from the Cerner architecture
  • LRS architecture uses a single printer definition per printer for all applications (Millennium, Charting, Soarian®, Windows®, Citrix®, or others)
  • LRS monitoring and troubleshooting tools permit better allocation of administrator and support resources
  • Using LRS Cerner print solutions helps you deploy new printers in minutes rather than days
  • LRS supports non-supported devices with the use of transforms that allow hospitals to transform Cerner Postscript output to other formats like PDF and ZPL.
  • LRS handles over 60 million Millennium jobs a year at customer environments for proven reliability
  • LRS facilitates Cerner document management, including document retention and search
  • LRS aids in PHI audit and compliance (who, when, where documents are printed and viewed) as well as enabling Cerner document management
  • LRS simplifies the measurement and analysis of what and how much output is generated today
  • LRS reduces the cost, complexity, and time to manage printer servers in a Cerner environment
Printer interface

Pull printing in Cerner Millennium environments

Millennium-generated documents often contain Protected Health Information (PHI), which requires special handling to ensure patient confidentiality. When a clinician or other staff member prints a record containing PHI, each minute the document sits unattended at the printer increases the hospital’s exposure to costly penalties and other sanctions.

LRS®Output Management solutions have integrated pull printing support to address your secure Cerner document delivery needs. Powered by MFPsecure®/Print software and hardware, a user’s queued jobs are released when he or she authenticates their identity via PIN code, identity badge, or other validation method. Custom device-resident software communicates with the core LRS solution to control and track document access for accurate accounting.

Mobile printing access

Mobile printing for healthcare documents

Mobile Connector for VPSX® software extends the powerful Cerner document delivery, accounting, viewing, archival and pull printing capabilities of the LRS solution to users of mobile computing devices. The free “VPSX Print” app lets mobile users print from any supported Apple® iOS® or Android® device to the LRS output management solution.

Alternatively, users can email attached documents to the LRS Mobile Connector solution, which verifies user printing rights before delivering output to the appropriate printer. Either method offers organizations a simple way to manage printing in heterogeneous BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments.

EOM healthcare infographic

Download and share our Infographic

LRS provides market-leading output and print management solutions. Scalable for hospitals and institutions of any size, our Healthcare and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) printing software bridges the gap between digital and physical documents for the secure and reliable delivery of patient records and other sensitive documents.

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