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Securely Access Records Electronically - Viewing & Storing Documents

Securely Access Records Electronically

Many documents containing Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) must be retained online for long periods of time for information sharing and audit purposes.

Some Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions provide native facilities for viewing & storing their own files, but few support all of the document sources and formats found in large healthcare organizations

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Web enabled document access

LRS® software provides robust facilities for capturing, storing, and viewing documents in online form. Using a customizable web-based client, authorized users can access EMR or business application output from any computer or mobile device with a browser.

Fast and intuitive search tools help employees quickly pinpoint exactly the information they need, aiding both healthcare operations and compliance efforts.

LRS secure records access solutions help healthcare organizations save money while protecting sensitive patient data.

Click here to learn how you can enhance healthcare document security while improving document access.

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LRS provides market-leading output and print management solutions. Scalable for hospitals and institutions of any size, our Healthcare and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) printing software bridges the gap between digital and physical documents for the secure and reliable delivery of patient records and other sensitive documents. Click Here

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LRS Customer Story

Print server consolidation, streamlined support and secure EMR (Cerner & Epic) and Windows printing. - Read More

Cloud Printing

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