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Intelligent Document Bundling | Document Process Automation

LRS Intelligent Document Bundling

LRS® Intelligent Document Bundling (IDB) automates the retrieval, sequencing, transforming, merging, and enhancing of multiple input documents into a single bundled output document.

The input documents can reside in any location and be in multiple formats. With IDB, automating the business processes for printing multiple documents eliminates the risk for errors that can accompany manual processes.

IDB allows you to:

  • Retrieve documents from any repository, file share, or web location
  • Sequence documents into the right order
  • Transform/merge into a single document format
  • Enhance documents with dynamic content such as overlays, barcodes, variable text, etc.
  • Deliver documents to single or multiple destinations
  • Monitor and control documents to ensure delivery

How it works

Common Uses

LRS customers use Intelligent Document Bundling for a variety of different document workflow processes. Real-world examples include:

  • Global logistics chain or OtD (Order to Delivery)
  • Health and safety documents (HazMat)
  • Customs and Export Documentation
  • Human Resources (HR) and Payroll
  • Plant maintenance including maintenance and repair

IDB in Action

  • A global logistics company uses IDB to ensure the correct terms and conditions are included on their shipping documentation while collating the paperwork trail from purchase order to delivery note to ensure payment can be collected as soon as possible.
  • With IDB, a U.S. wholesaler ensures hazardous material documentation is always in compliance when shipping dangerous products.
  • A European pharmaceutical wholesaler used IDB to streamline its shipping process that requires different documents in different formats depending on the end customer.

Because no two customers have the same business needs, LRS software offers a high degree of customization and flexibility. Our document experts work with customer teams to identify business requirements and develop a scalable solution that meets your current business needs; one that adapts to your ever-changing requirements as your business grows.

To find out how Intelligent Document Bundling has helped other organizations achieve leaner work processes and assured delivery - and how it could help you - get in touch to request a demo from one of document experts. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you.