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LRS Managed Services | Transformation



Correctly designing, implementing, and testing your Managed Service environment ensures you obtain maximum benefits with a minimum number of surprises. During the Transformation process, our team works with your stakeholders to build a solution that delivers the benefits you need in the timeframe required.

In this early stage of the project lifecycle, LRS personnel meet with your staff to flesh out out the geographical, functional, and infrastructural aspects of the design. While the scale of a global managed services environment differs from that of a regional or smaller one, our structured transformation process is designed to minimize uncertainty once your solution is implemented.

The Transformation Process

Together, we discuss and document Transformation-related details including:

High-level and Low-level designs – These may involve a new output software deployment, a replacement for an existing service/solution, a shift from on-premise to cloud infrastructure or other details about the desired environment.

Digital Transformation Opportunities – Where applicable, participants can identify traditional “analog” business processes that may benefit from a shift to digitization.

LRS and Customer Responsibilities - For example, handling change management, support incidents, infrastructure problems, software releases & deployment, etc.

Geographical Responsibilities - For example, which parties & personnel will address issues of a global nature versus regional ones.

Solutions - For example, whether select individual LRS products will be included in the offering, all LRS products, or all LRS products plus a complete LRS-managed infrastructure.

It’s said that “well begun is half done.” With careful attention during the Transformation stage, LRS and your stakeholders lay the groundwork for our mutual success.

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Looking for a Managed Service?

Let the subject matter experts manage your LRS software and worry about maintaining your printing environment; we can do all the administration and servicing of your LRS software.

We are happy to answer questions and provide more detailed information email our Services Team today.

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