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SAP | LRS Software Application Alliance


go to  SAP websiteLRS® Output Management for SAP - VPSX/OutputManager® provides secure, reliable document delivery from your SAP and other business applications. Since 1997, LRS® has been delivering solutions that help SAP® customers meet their service level agreements (SLAs) while reducing document-related hardware and FTE costs. LRS solutions ensure SAP documents get to the users that need them, leveraging certified integration with SAP applications to help your output environment evolve with your changing business needs.

LRS software:

  • Reduces print problems and the unnecessary costs associated with managing SAP and other application output
  • Eliminates the need for expensive hardware DIMM cards needed for Unicode® and Barcode printing. This provides a cost-effective way to address global document printing and viewing needs across your network
  • Protects sensitive documents with integrated pull printing support to authenticate user identity at the MFP or printer before document delivery 
  • Provides for device-independent mobile printing     
  • Integrates with SAP and third-party software, allowing event-driven document processes to alert scheduling tools, confirm device readiness, automate the bundling and printing of documents from multiple sources, and more 
  • Generates an estimated 5 year ROI of 486% and breakeven time of 6 months (IDC research)