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Enhance User Experience with output & print Management

Enhance User Experience

CEOs often say that “people are our most important asset.” But to obtain maximum value from these assets, you need systems and business processes geared toward helping your employees do their jobs in the most effective manner. These include the systems that deliver business-critical documents to users inside and outside the organization.

Today's employees are redefining the word "Workplace." They can do their jobs from home, the office, or even an airplane seat. Printing is no longer simple - but Workplace Printing software from LRS can make it simple.

LRS® software enhances your end users’ effectiveness by providing faster, more reliable access to document-based information. Mobile print capabilities let users print documents from any smartphone or wireless computing device to any output destination in your company. LRS Pull Printing software enable authorized users to retrieve queued documents by simply tapping a security badge at the nearest MFP or print device. Whether needed in electronic or hardcopy form, LRS solutions ensure that users get the documents necessary to do their jobs.

Large print networks can be extremely complicated, often involving thousands of printers as well as hundreds of servers and print drivers to install and maintain. The LRS solution simplifies document environments by bringing order to printing chaos and providing a centralized tool to manage this complexity. To end users, printing “just works,” so they can focus more on their jobs and less on the mechanics of generating customer correspondence, business reports and other documents.

By streamlining access to application output, your organization can get more from both your information and human assets — which translates to more productive employees, improved customer service, and a stronger bottom line. Contact our document experts to learn how LRS software can simplify document delivery for your user community.

LRS EOM Executive Summary

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