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LRS Enterprise Cloud Printing

All of the power, none of the hassle

Organizations are embracing Cloud technology to eliminate the need for costly servers, power & cooling systems, and other physical computing expenses. Our LRS Enterprise Cloud Printing solution manages output from backend line-of-business applications as well as virtual and physical desktops – all without the need for on-premise hardware and software.

Together with your team and/or IT service provider, we work to tailor our solution to your output requirements and business landscape. Our single-tenant solution supports major Cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, IBM, and Google. The result is a solution with all the traditional scalability and security of our on-premise software, but without the need to install, configure, and maintain the solution in your own on-premise datacenter.

LRS Enterprise Cloud Printing Software lets you:

Leverage the proven functionality of VPSX® software without the need for on-site installation

Take advantage of certified integration with leading  line-of-business applications.

Establish a secure Cloud-based print environment that runs on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or other platforms.

Eliminate the expense of buying, maintaining, powering & cooling servers related to print management.

Delegate output-related operations to skilled LRS experts for reliable document delivery & predictable cost.

Cloud-Ready Holistic Output Management

The LRS® Enterprise Cloud solution helps you capture and format business information for secure, reliable document delivery in hardcopy or electronic form. Running in a secure, single-tenant private Cloud environment, the software delivers document output from any Cloud, server-based, or workstation application to any print destination. All while tracking document printing and access around the enterprise to aid in cost reduction and compliance efforts.

Unlike many Cloud-based output management products, the LRS Cloud solution offers the full range of capabilities demanded by large enterprises. These include:

  • The ability to capture output from any application on any platform, from mainframe to mobile, including virtual desktops and applications.
  • Fully supported and certified application interfaces to leading line-of-business applications (e.g., SAP, Epic, Cerner, Citrix, etc.)
  • Secure document delivery features including pull print functionality that supports robust encryption and MFP-resident embedded clients certified by leading print hardware manufacturers.
  • Support for document scanning from embedded clients running on MFPs as well as the ability to capture document scans from an iOS or Android device.
  • Intuitive end-user print client interface that lets users define new printers, reprint documents, and perform other basic functions without involving help desk or IT staff.

Document data is encrypted at all points of the lifecycle:

  • While in motion from the sending application to the LRS spool
  • While at rest in the document spool or queue
  • While waiting for pull print retrieval at a remote MFP
  • During transmission to the printer or other destination

To ensure that only authorized users can access or retrieve documents, LRS software leverages a number of authentication options including LDAP, Active Directory, Azure AD, with or without multifactor authentication. The solution supports OpenID Connect for popular Cloud-based identity providers such as PingID and Okta.

Cloud Printing using Internet Only Connections

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