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MFPsecure/Scan Pro | LRS Scan Management

MFPsecure/Scan Pro

MFPsecure/Scan Pro is designed to extend the functional capabilities of MFPsecure/Scan with functions that address advance scanning capabilities.

MPFsecure/Scan Pro supports all the MFPsecure/Scan functions in addition to a number of unique features.

Zonal OCR

Use MFPsecure®/Scan Zonal OCR to process information within defined sections of your scanned document. Enhanced string manipulation allows you to analyze functions on any type of data generated from OCR zones. For example you can search for an invoice number within an OCR zone or search and replace certain characters in a zone.

Zonal OCR provides a way automate the data entry associated with imaging tasks. This helps you instantly export processed metadata to a third-party app or database.

Turn your multifunction devices into OCR document scanners with LRS document management software to optimize your print fleet and improve operational efficiency within your enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

Scan to ........

Box cloud icon grey

Scan to Box

Use the scan to Box® Connector to transfer your scanned documents to the cloud platform Box

Google drive icon grey

Scan to Google Drive

MFPsecure/Scan - scan to cloud function makes it possible to directly scan documents to Google Drive Professional

OneDrive logo grey

Scan to Microsoft OneDrive

Capture documents and store them in digital form to Microsoft OneDrive for improved content access and sharing

Sharepoint icon grey

Scan to Microsoft Sharepoint

MFPsecure®/Scan Scan to SharePoint® functionality allows you to directly capture and store documents in SharePoint portals as well as automatically generate file names and folder structures

Multiple versions to meet your specific needs

Every organization has different document needs, so LRS offers both MFPsecure/Scan and MFPsecure/Scan Pro versions. The table below lists the capabilities of each.

MFPsecureScan and MFPsecureScan Pro.PNG

MFPsecure/Scan for Mixed Fleet

LRS offers embedded and mobile versions of MFPsecure®/Scan software to support many popular hardware platforms.

Canon logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Canon

Fuji Xerox Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Fuji Xerox

hp logo

MFPsecure/Scan for HP

Konica Minolta Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Konica Minolta

Kyocera logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Kyocera

Lexmark logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Lexmark

Ricoh logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Ricoh

Sharp logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Sharp

Toshiba Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Toshiba

Xerox Logo

MFPsecure/Scan for Xerox

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