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FormPort for VPSX | Document Process Automation

Formport for VPSX

Most business applications generate output destined for printers, MFPs, or other output devices. Often, this information is created in text-only format and printed on expensive pre-printed form stock containing logos or other graphical elements. Eliminating these pre-printed forms can save money, but often involves modifying existing application code — a complex and time-consuming process.

FormPort® for VPSX software eliminates costly forms and coding changes by enabling you to design and deploy electronic forms using an intuitive set of online tools. These electronic forms are stored in the LRS solution and applied automatically at print time. By isolating the business data from the formatting functions, the solution enables you to easily modify the appearance of your business documents without changing your application code.

Documentation Features

What can Formport manage?

You can incorporate a variety of typefaces and font sizes as well as color and monochrome graphic elements including:

  • Logos
  • Signatures
  • Barcodes
  • Color highlights
  • Images

How it Works

The solution consists of two main components: FormPort Designer and FormPort for VPSX. The first is a WYSIWYG desktop application that lets you design the appearance of the form and place application data in the appropriate areas of the page.

The second component is a software utility that runs as part of the VPSX® solution and merges application print data with the right electronic form. This creates an output file for delivery to a hardcopy or softcopy destination, including the PageCenterX® content management solution.

FormPort for VPSX enables organizations to:

  • Eliminate the need for costly pre-printed forms
  • Convert simple text-based line-of-business application output into custom invoices, packing slips, etc.
  • Harness the power of the LRS Output Management environment for reliable document delivery to printers, email recipients, archives, and other destinations
  • Update your customer-facing documents without the need to modify application code

Our team of document professionals can show you how to design your own new forms or provide services to convert existing business documents to new forms. LRS experts work with your team to identify business requirements and develop a scalable solution that meets your current and long-term business needs.    

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