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Agentil Founded in 2006 by a group of ERP system experts, today Agentil® has grown to become an organization of experts with cutting-edge competencies in a variety of different SAP® domains with more than 120 clients. 

LRS® software solutions assist Agentil clients with eliminating problems and reducing costs. Through the use of the LRS VPSX Enterprise™ software that assures delivery of business-critical application output, Agentil is able to assist its SAP environment clients with reducing print related problems and enhanced service levels with fewer resources. 

In addition, Agentil also works with SAP clients that need an archiving solution by offering PageCenterX® (PCX) software from LRS. The PCX software is a web-based application that helps users gain maximum value from information including automated indexing, encryption, advanced full text search, preview, and all VPSX output options.