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LRS Managed Services | Continuous Service Improvement

Continuous Service Improvement

A Managed Service solution is not a product or widget, but rather a relationship and a commitment; one that requires ongoing communication and feedback as well as a desire to continually improve performance, reliability, uptime, savings, and other business benefits.

To deliver on this promise, LRS performs an up-front review of your existing print infrastructure as well as the one we design to meet your future needs. After the contract begins, LRS Service Reviews will be held at regular intervals involving the LRS Service Delivery Manager, the LRS Account Manager, and customer representatives. These meetings help all stakeholders monitor performance of the service against agreed-upon metrics and identify areas where improvement might be required.

At times, these requested improvements may be within the scope of the existing service. In other cases, they may involve expanding the scope, redesigning the service, or incorporating new services. The latter of these situations may require the stakeholders to revisit the Transformation and/or Service Transition stages.

In the end, this commitment to continuous improvement ensures that customers get all the benefits they’re paying for and all the expertise our services teams can provide. We consider this a win-win situation. A happy customer is a long-term customer, and some of our first customers are still with us after more than three decades. Contact us to find out why.

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