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LRS is excited to announce that our VPSX solution has been listed in the Printing Output Management Integration category of the new Epic® Toolbox. Apps in Toolbox meet Epic’s recommend practices in a designated category.

Since 2006, LRS has worked toward improving output management in healthcare environments for Epic customers. Our work with Epic customers has also made LRS products stronger and more effective both within and outside the realm of healthcare.

LRS is thrilled to have VPSX listed in Toolbox and to offer an app that follows Epic-recommended integration practices. We enjoy working with our many Epic clients as together we seek to improve output management and provide better patient care. (After all, at some point, nearly all of us are patients too!)

For years if not decades, many have predicted the end of printing in healthcare. However, the growing need for labeling, documentation, and other paper-based mechanisms shows no signs of slowing. Fortunately, there are no longer rooms full of physical charts, but paper-based orders, after-visit summary documents, patient wristbands, and labels continue to be a cost-effective way of identifying and tagging resources as they move around healthcare organizations.

It is our hope that through our integration with Epic, LRS can continue to help and educate the healthcare community on the importance of output management.

View our Toolbox listing on Epic’s Showroom.

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