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Oracle Cerner | LRS Software Application Alliance

Oracle Cerner

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Oracle Cerner is the leading U.S. supplier of powerful and intuitive healthcare information technology solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes.

LRS is a recognized global IT leader in helping customers leverage existing IT investments and lower the cost of delivering business-critical information throughout an organization.

Together, these best-of-breed software companies have created a worldwide reseller agreement that enables Oracle Cerner Millennium clients to enhance backend printing using output management software from LRS. They developed the VPSX/MI (Millennium Interface) product, which offers robust capture, delivery, and transformation capabilities to reliably deliver critical Millennium documents in printed or electronic form.

The LRS-Oracle-Cerner solution offers users:

  • Flexible notification when printing is complete or issues occur
  • Centralized printer definition and maintenance
  • Document reprinting and/or rerouting
  • Sophisticated monitoring that enables staff to know the printer condition before problems occur  
  • Specialized print management such as secure PIN printing

Storing, accessing, and having the ability to view and print documents over extended periods of time are necessary elements of the modern healthcare environment due to standards and regulatory controls. The LRS® web-based document storage and viewing solution seamlessly stores and indexes Oracle Cerner-generated documents and also supports customizing the search interface to display Cerner-specific document attributes for more efficient search capabilities.

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Working with the Team

LRS Output Management understands the critical role that partnerships play in helping our customers achieve a competitive advantage. The company strives to provide the best partner experience, supported by systems and processes that facilitate easy and efficient interaction between partners, a culture of trust and cooperation, and a commitment to meaningful collaboration.

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