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Healthcare Document Workflow Solutions - Managing all your documents

Healthcare Document Workflow Solutions

By their very nature, patient documents contain the most sensitive - and time-sensitive - information in the healthcare environment. For this reason, healthcare providers are among the most highly regulated organizations in the world. Maintaining compliance with HIPAA, CMS, Meaningful Use, and other government regulations can be a challenge.

LRS® healthcare workflow software can help. Working with leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software and document hardware providers, LRS has developed document solutions for healthcare workflows such as prescription printing and downtime reporting. The LRS software provides a central point of control for managing these critical document-related workflows with minimal administrator effort, regardless of EMR vendor or uptime status.

Where LRS Output Management Solutions can help

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Improve your healthcare workflows

When it comes to patient care, seconds count. Efficient document workflows make the difference. Few business sectors are more reliant on fast, reliable printing than the healthcare industry. Without rapid access to patient information, clinicians cannot make informed and timely decisions about patient care. LRS software provides assured delivery of any healthcare document from any platform — mobile to mainframe, Windows to UNIX and Linux. We also offer documented and supported interfaces to most popular EMR software packages. By providing feedback to clinicians about the status of their print jobs, LRS software helps them spend less time locating healthcare documents and more time understanding them.

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Increase healthcare document availability

Patient care continuity is vital, even when EMR systems become unavailable. Healthcare workflows often leverage technology to minimize errors, increase patient safety, and support industry best practices. But since technology failures can and do occur, all healthcare providers need backup procedures for operating during planned and unplanned system outages.

LRS healthcare workflow software helps organizations provide continuity of care during downtime events. As an extension of the LRS print and output management solution, our PageCenterX/Satellite solution integrates with all major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions and provides clinical staff with timely access to critical healthcare records during system outages. Rules-based document retention and purging ensures that the correct patient records are available for reprinting or online viewing in the event of unplanned downtime.

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Access healthcare reports from anywhere, anytime

Physician and caregiver healthcare workflows require “anywhere, anytime” access to information. LRS content management software lets caregivers securely access their reports stored in the document repository via a standard web browser or a smartphone/mobile device. This enables clinicians to view Meaningful Use, patient panel, scorecard, revenue, and other reports from a remote office or even from home. Single sign-on technology lets physicians and other users view only the information for which they are authorized. The LRS system provides an audit trail of the physician’s actions to support your HIPAA and other compliance efforts.

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LRS provides market-leading output and print management solutions. Scalable for hospitals and institutions of any size, our Healthcare and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) printing software bridges the gap between digital and physical documents for the secure and reliable delivery of patient records and other sensitive documents.

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