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Increase Security with output & print Management

Increase Security for Output and Printing

According to a Quocirca study, only 15 percent of organizations believe their printing infrastructure to be very secure. This same report states that "70% of respondents indicated that they have suffered one or more accidental printing-related data breaches."

Document privacy concerns are real, and failure to protect confidential information can result in severe penalties or loss of intellectual property. One problem is the traditional printing model, in which a user submits a print job across an unsecure network and then hurries to the printer to retrieve the document before others do. The consequences of unauthorized document access, whether accidental or intentional, can be both serious and costly

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The specially-developed LRS® Queue protocol provides robust data compression and encryption to protect document contents between the originating application and the LRS software.

LRS software protects documents in a variety of ways. The solution captures all business output from enterprise applications and user workstations so it can be managed through a secure central point of control. Security watermarks and overlays can be inserted into the data to prevent document tampering and other fraudulent activities.

Once received, critical documents can be stored centrally in the LRS software until a user authenticates his or her identity at the physical device using a security badge, PIN code, or other means of authentication using LRS Pull Printing. Administrators can also prohibit printing of certain documents, forcing users to view content online to provide a precise record of which users accessed which pages of any stored content

Documents contain some of the most valuable information anywhere in your business. LRS software helps you protect these critical information assets by providing multiple layers of document security and the ability to monitor and control all aspects of document use. For more information about our secure output solutions, contact the document experts at LRS and let us help you address your security challenges.

LRS EOM Executive Summary

Click here to download the full IDC report or contact the document experts at LRS.


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