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LRS Personal Print Manager Software

Personal Print Manager

When it comes to printing critical documents, end users need the ability to print when, where, and how they want. At the same time, IT administrators expect their organization’s print systems to be secure, scalable, and easy to manage.

Personal Print Manager software from LRS delivers results for both sets of stakeholders. This integrated feature of the VPSX® Output Management suite lets end users quickly and easily manage most everyday print-related tasks without calling help desk and other support staff.  Running as a system-level utility on most major desktop computing platforms, the solution enables users to:

  • Easily locate, add, and delete VPSX defined printers
  • Set preferences like default printer, paper handling & color options, etc.
  • See the status of queued print jobs and delete them when no longer needed
  • Stop worrying about outdated or incorrect print drivers
  • Set up and maintain a user profile with various print and scan-related preferences (e.g., default MFP interface language, pull print delegates, scanning defaults, etc.)

End-user desktop printing simplified

For End UsersFor Support Staff
Easily locate, add and delete VPSX defined printers and scanners via visual floor map or listCentrally manage and deploy print drivers to desktops
Improve end user experience with self service print capabilitiesReduce print support required by increasing visibility and control to end users
Set up and maintain user profile with print and scan related preferences, inc. language, delegates and scanning optionsCustomize and manage the PPM options which are available to end users (e.g., enable or disable delegate printing)
Print desktop and application output from anywhere including home officeSupports back-end application printing to “non-managed” printers that may exist in home offices
Unified experience for office, home and roaming users with Single Sign On (SSO)Manage user authentication and authorization through LDAP, AD and Azure AD

Many desktop operating systems; one central point of control

IT departments in global enterprises often need to support heterogeneous desktop fleets. Some departments or locations may run Windows®
desktops while others utilize Apple® macOS® or Linux® workstations. Regardless of what hardware they use to do their jobs, all users need the same level of control and security when it comes to printing and scanning critical documents.

The LRS Personal Print Manager (PPM) solution offers users the same high level of control over desktop printing, irrespective of what workstations they are using. This not only helps users stay productive, but dramatically simplifies life for the help desk teams tasked with supporting end user print issues. By enabling IT self-service, the solution reduces the support burden; and when IT intervention is required, technical staff benefit from having a uniform set of print capabilities that spans multiple platforms.


LRS Personal Print Manager Features & Benefits

LRS Personal Print Manager functionality is included as a part of the LRS Output Management suite. This simple yet powerful tool can help your organization:

  • Save Money: Empower end users to take care of most simple print-related tasks without involving costly IT administration and help desk staff. Leverage powerful policy print rules to encourage further cost savings on the part of end users. 
  • Reduce Complexity: Establish a uniform level of desktop printing and scanning management functionality across the organization, regardless of the operating systems in place in user workgroups. Single sign-on and user-definable language options ensure an intuitive user experience.
  • Improve Security: Leverage the built-in encryption functions of the LRS suite and track user actions with the help of our powerful auditing and accounting tools.

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