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LRS Services | Extended Engineering

Extended Engineering

LRS Extended Engineering

LRS output management solutions are designed for ease of deployment and administration; in fact, a recent study found that LRS customers experienced a 65% reduction in staff time needed to support printing activities.

But organizations with very demanding output requirements or a lack of in-house output management expertise sometimes need a helping hand.

Working with LRS Output Management

Our Extended Engineering services solution gives customers access to highly experienced document experts each month for a fixed rate and a fixed period. This enables them to address ongoing output management challenges such as:

  • Installation and/or configuration of LRS solutions in production, test, QA, and other environments
  • Customization and integration with line-of-business systems (e.g., SAP, EMR, and others) as well as creating/testing/deploying filters, electronic forms, watermarks, etc.
  • Training of administrators and end users in LRS product use and best print practices
  • Deployment of secure pull printing, scanning, and other specialized document systems
  • System administration, troubleshooting, and high-level user support as well as assisting with high- and low-level architectural designs

The benefits of our Extended Engineering offering are simple: better-performing, more reliable document systems without the need to hire, train, and support a team of in-house document experts.

When you need assistance your document environment, you can rely on our output management experts. Click here to contact our Enterprise Output Management Services team.

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