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Handling Legacy SAP Output

Legacy SAP challenges

As an established SAP enterprise, your NetWeaver computing portfolio likely includes numerous SAP-specific print- and output systems. These almost certainly include Smart Forms, AV List, SAP Script, SAPSPRINT, as well as specialty DIMM or SIMM modules. Although many customers moving to S/4HANA seek to eliminate such legacy components, it is not always possible to do so within the time constraints of a typical migration project.

LRS works closely with SAP to help customers keep pace with the latest SAP innovations. However, we also continue to support the solutions required for legacy environments to enjoy reliable, flexible output management functionality. Our unique market position gives us the tools and expertise to help the world’s largest SAP keep pace with the ever-changing SAP landscape.

LRS Output Management for Legacy SAP Environments

LRS® Software Lets Organizations:

  • Preserve their investments in Legacy document formats and resources
  • Eliminate the need for specialty hardware like DIMMs, SIMMs, and hardware-resident fonts
  • Continue to leverage the SAPSprint resources you have developed over time
  • Prepare your SAP infrastructure for a cloud-based future while making the most of your existing SAP investment.

SAPGOFU - Any language, any font, on any output device

Before fully-composed output was supported by the SAP platform, producing printed output in languages like Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, or Chinese was a major challenge. To simplify this process, LRS developed a way to use a single standard output device type (SAPGOFU) while embedding the required fonts and resources into the print stream.

The result was a fully-composed print stream that would print identically on all device types. A side benefit was a reduction in the number of SAP Spool resources needed for print; up to 53% lower CPU use and 73% reduction in spool work process run time. Further improvements in the printing of international characters comes from our specially-developed Unicode fonts.

For additional information about LRS support for GOF output, Click Here

SAP Legcay GOF
LRS Printer DIMMS – Fonts & Barcodes

Printer DIMMS – Fonts & Barcodes

In older SAP environments, companies used special chips like DIMMs or SIMMs to incorporate barcode and other fonts into printed output. Even after SAP allowed direct barcode printing to laser printers, many companies continued using these chips. However, modern printers often lack the necessary ports for these chips, causing issues.

To address this, LRS offers software-based transforms that replace embedded PCL control codes with standard PCL commands, enabling barcode embedding into output. These solutions support various barcode types and output formats like PCL5 or ZPL, facilitating compatibility with modern printers. LRS solutions support a wide range of Barcodes; all you need is a transform with PCL5 or ZPL as an output, e.g., OTF2PCL, PCL2PCL, PCL2ZPL or OTF2ZPL.

Preserve your investment in SAPSprint formatted documents

SAPSPRINT is another legacy output method that allows you to leverage Windows print composition capabilities. This is very useful for printing languages with special requirements like ARABIC and THAI FONT Shaping. SAPSPRINT also contains SAPPDFPRINT, which ensures, even for printers without native PDF printing support, that your PDF output can be printed.

LRS output management software continues to support SAPSPRINT for legacy output, and our team of SAP output experts can help you modernize your SAP output environment while retaining all the functionality needed to ensure your business success.

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